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Charlotte Whitey_Willow Therapy_Headshot.jpg

MBACP Accredited Counsellor Adult and Children, Counselling and Supervision



I currently offer both online sessions via zoom and telephone sessions for Willow.

Many people are feeling scared, unsettled, isolated, anxious, depressed or concerned. Generally finding it hard to cope with situations or changes to their lives. 

Perhaps these or other issues that are troubling you? Sometimes we just need someone who will listen.

There are many reasons why people seek the support of a therapist. We all need some help and support from time to time, as we all experience periods where we struggle to deal with events that are happening in our lives. This might be work, home, school or from a relationship. Perhaps you have been through early trauma or a traumatic experience that you are having difficulty coming to terms with. You may have been bereaved, separated, divorced or struggling with relationships in your life. Stress, anxiety and depression may be adversely affecting your daily life. 


Sharing experiences, difficulties and feelings with someone who is not connected to your life and is non-judgemental can help make sense of what has happened or happening.     

I am a qualified integrative accredited counsellor working with children, young people and adults. I offer a safe confidential space to allow you to explore and share your thoughts and feelings without judgement while feeling secure in a space you can trust.  

As a counsellor I can fully appreciate that daunting experience you may feel with talking to someone about aspects of your life, which possibly you may never have talked about before.

The core of my practice centres on helping people move through the stages of process towards their healing process.

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