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S&L (Couples Therapy)

Becky at Willow Therapy has a wonderful safe haven. Her caring, soft and calm nature immediately makes you feel in a safe environment to share your feelings and thoughts without being judged.Myself and my husband found ourselves needing Becky’s guidance to reconnect. We had lost our way after 10 years of marriage and our life was consumed by our children and work, we were sailing out to sea in separate boats rather than the same one. Becky listened, gave us achievable tasks and taught us how to communicate with each other. Most importantly, Becky gave us time and even sitting in silence felt comforting.Becky has helped us rekindle our love and for that reason we are very grateful, Thank you Becky.


G&S (Couples Therapy)

Earlier this year, we (husband and wife couple) turned to therapy after 14 years together (9 married).

All communication and respect between us had completely broken down and neither of us could visualise a way out.

Becky is very special - from the first session, she made us both feel at ease and able to open up and explore a whole range of emotions and behaviours. What was really unexpected, was that the sessions helped us to understand ourselves better as individuals, which in turn has helped to repave our marriage.

Becky has taught us how being empathetic towards each other, can be so powerful, how to accept and how to communicate respectfully with each other.

Like anything, it takes practice and patience, but we are both extremely grateful to Becky for helping us onto this path.


"I first found Becky by chance when I needed some help working things through that I couldn't find answers to my self. I have seen many counsellors through the years but with Becky I always found my self at home comfortable and at ease, never judged or looked down upon, she helped me come up with ideas to overcome my problems and when I did something that we had talked about I couldn't wait to tell her I had achieved that goal!.


I'm not sure about the time frames but my son was then having some problems so we went togther to talk with Becky, now my teenage son was no talker but soon found him self at home and able to talk and work things through to give us the relationship a mother and son should have. 


Then came my accident and COVID19 and this hit my daughter hard without even thinking I knew who she needed!  Becky found the time for her and wow the posititive changes in her was mind blowing, more and more little things I was noticing her doing over the weeks just melted me.


Sometimes in life we all need that extra help and with Becky at your side not telling but guiding and encouraging you, you will soon see changes. Snuggle up on her amazingly comfy sofa and just let everything melt away.


I have since recommended Becky to a few people and all have the same positive words she is lovley kind caring and has a passion to encourage you to reach your goals."


"Just wonderful. A beautiful safe haven. I can't recommend Becky enough - you immediately feel relaxed and at ease and after just one session I feel amazing and rid of so many stresses and anxieties. Thank you x"



"Becky’s calm manner, combined with her wealth of experience and skills in helping you understand your response to, and your options to move forward from, personal challenges, made working with her one of the most rewarding and worthwhile experiences I have had. 

It quite literally changed how I approach life, with both mental and physical health benefits."


"Becky is so warm and gentle she will make you feel safe as soon as you step into the room. She will listen to you whole heartedly without judgement"


"Trying to express my feelings and write this is extremely challenging for me. Hard, difficult, can’t do it and resistance leap into my mind. Since being in therapy I have learnt to change my language. 'I can’t' becomes 'I can try'. 'Hard' becomes 'I struggle with'. 'Difficult' becomes 'challenging'.

It’s far from easy but with Becky’s help, I’ve started to turn the tide. She’s my coach, encourager, supporter, guide and challenger. I laugh, I cry, stamp my feet and often wonder how anyone can understand me and my brain!  Boy, trust me when I say Becky CAN. Just when I feel I can’t, up pops a little reminder that actually 'I can'.  It could be a Facebook post, something on tv or a comment from someone. With the help of therapy, I know I’m going to be ok. I am enough, I can do this, I’ve got this.

Reset and recalculate as many times as you need. I’m still learning to be who I am. I’m still learning how to be and love me. It can be messy and very painful and sometimes you have to just sit through it. The upside is I can be funny, amazing and awesome. Words that I would never have used to describe myself before therapy.

I can’t praise Becky and Willow Therapy enough. If you need help, be brave, reach out and make that call. Remember, YOU CAN, YOU’VE GOT THIS, BE KIND TO YOURSELF."


I feel very fortunate to have had a series of support sessions with Becky at Willow Therapy a few years ago following some time off work due to stress and anxiety. She gave me a safe, nurturing (and beautifully, thoughtfully decorated!) space to gently enable conversations around anxiety, catastrophising, difficult relationships, at work and in other areas of my life, and helped me to grow in resilience and confidence. She supported me to establish healthier boundaries, better self-care and to understand some of my anxieties, in turn helping me to  develop strategies to cope better with setbacks and triggers and life’s inevitable ups and downs. The “what if it goes right” and having healthier self-talk avoiding “I should” are just a few of the things that have stuck with me and which I now use when supporting others in my job in education. I feel enormously grateful to Becky for holding my difficulties in challenging times and her gentle counselling with her characteristic patience, wisdom and warmth. I cannot recommend her highly enough for children, families or adults. Thank you, Becky!


I committed to therapy with Becky to help me through a life changing event. It was quite a journey...there were times I couldn’t see a way through, times I bubbled over with joy and empowerment, and times I was floored by the impact of buried trauma. Becky was there to guide me through all of it within the sanctuary of Willow. I felt safe during a time when I’ve never felt so unsure. I'll be eternally grateful for Becky's influence on my life - she creates an environment that enables incredible personal growth. I cannot recommend her enough!"


Through recommendations, I found Becky. 

Over many years, I have previously been down the medical root to try & battle my inner voices & demons which have spurned from boarding schools, health problems, money worries & bereavement but meeting Becky was a total breathe of fresh air. Sat on the comfiest sofa, in her safe, calm beautiful surroundings, I felt free to challenge the real me. 

No longer did I just recant the well versed stories of heart ache & frustration but actually made the link between my life’s experiences and my suppressed emotions. Becky has helped me understand myself better than any previous establishment & best of all, offered practical solutions to some of those trigger moments. 

Some sessions were harder and more tearful than others but every one helped to move me forward. I still reflect now & would highly recommend letting Becky take you by the  hand to help you through any struggle. She is a special person.


"Becky is just wonderful. She is incredibly gentle and caring, yet doesn’t hesitate to speak the hard truths that sometimes you need to hear. She has saved my life, helped me to find the tools I need to make it through tough challenges, and provided me with the care and words of encouragement that I need to believe in myself. Thank you Becky."


"Becky worked with me on a number of challenges I was facing related to anxiety and depression. Not only was she understanding and compassionate, but she also helped me with practical and actionable plans to implement between sessions. I always felt supported and came away from each session having understood myself a little more."



"Authentic, caring and compassionate counselling in a lovely environment."

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