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I can't go back to yesterday because I was a
different person then

-  Alice In Wonderland  -


We offer support to parents of teens navigating a range of issues. Offering parent support sessions utelising Adlerian theory. The areas we cover in these sessions can be related to issues presented within the school settings as well as difficulties within the family home. These may present as anxiety, attachment issues, eating concerns or communication breakdown within the family to name a few.

We work individually with teens and young adults experiencing difficulties on many levels. We work closely with parents going through relationship breakdown and also offer sessions to single parents with their child to look at strengthening communication.

Becky has trained in Family therapy and offers this to support the whole family who attend the room. These sessions support the parents and child whilst we look closely at family dynamics and areas of concern. We work to hear one another with a focus to repair any ruptures. The solutions are always within the family itself and my role is often as facilitator.

We work from a shared building. There is a designated shared waiting area outside the therapy room. All measures have been taken in accordance with government guidelines for covid risk assessment. There is hand sanitiser mounted on the walls throughout the building and strict cleaning protocols.

The room is thoroughly cleaned between sessions and has a timed gap between sessions to air the room. Please note that we are on the second floor of the building and the window is open for the duration for air flow.

Prior to any face to face sessions a covid risk questionnaire is messaged out to you and a thermometer check is required before entering the room.