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It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are

-  E.E. Cummings  -

Becky Willoughby
Willow Therapy Heart

Willow Therapy

A nurturing confidential space.
Offering specialist counselling for adults, children, teens, couples and families, along with parent sessions. 

Supervision is offered

for Counsellors, Schools and GP Services. 

Willow Therapy Heart

Our Speciality

Willow Therapy is unique.


It offers a haven of tranquility tucked away off the busy High street.

Our aim is to offer :

A Nurturing Environment

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Emotional Support

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Counselling & Supervision

Parent Support

Willow Therapy Heart

What Clients Say

"Becky at Willow Therapy has a wonderful safe haven. Her caring, soft and calm nature immediately makes you feel in a safe environment to share your feelings and thoughts without being judged.

Myself and my husband found ourselves needing Becky’s guidance to reconnect. We had lost our way after 10 years of marriage and our life was consumed by our children and work, we were sailing out to sea in separate boats rather than the same one. Becky listened, gave us achievable tasks and taught us how to communicate with each other. Most importantly, Becky gave us time and even sitting in silence felt comforting.

Becky has helped us rekindle our love and for that reason we are very grateful, Thank you Becky

Verified Testimonial, S&L (Couples Therapy)

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Willow Therapy Heart

You are enough, a thousand times enough

-  Atticus Poetry  -