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I love this quote.

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

I'm back on English soil and took what felt like a drunken stumble off the plane and through the airport due to sleep deprivation.

Only 2 minor accidents!

Boarding the escalator towards British passport control the most lovely Bajan lady in her 80s dropped a vivid green scarf.

As it floated downwards to the moving steps I bent to grab it, before the stairs ATE it. I gently tapped the lady's back and she turned saying Oh my Darling girl Thank you. I felt warm and snuggly and a cosy glow spread throughout me. I was plummeted backwards in time to an elderly relative calling me Darling girl.

A memory triggered I stood smiling. Until I turned around on the rising escalator. In order to rescue the green scarf..... I had let go of the handle to my suitcase. As I turned back I saw it do a midair flip, too heavy! And almost knock a small child out below me! It reminded me of letting go of the pushchair when your child suddenly decides to climb out! And the entire thing, shopping bags and all does a backflip.

The mother of said child didn't look impressed. The Bajan lady had walked on scarf floating happily in her hand. I apologised and staggered on, only for my flip flop to get stuck in the final escalator step. I literally felt like Mr Bean returning from holiday. On little more than 2 hours sleep I staggered through Duty free, buying far more gifts than necessary

I wandered out the wrong entrance at the airport beaming like a Cheshire cat surrounded by buses! That didn't deter me. I heaved my trolley with wheels determined to take the opposite route.....across the road. Down the centre actually! And was met by a familiar friendly face. And homeward bound.

Needless to say I slept all day on and off and all night. Totally ignoring jet lag sleep rules.

I did it.

I left home at 48 years old for 1 month. At 48 years old I've realised I am brave. I am courageous and I love adventures. With children grown there is time and space. Lessons learned: don't walk through an airport in flip flops! England is cold, even when its warm. Kindness sometimes comes at a cost for another if we take our eye off the ball.

And we are ALL connected in some way. From kindness, words, language, good deeds to a friendly smile. As the Bajan lady took the scarf from me I looked up. Her hands were shaking. Anxiety was written all over her face. She smiled, I smiled back and there was a settling in her demeanour as she let out slow long breath. I almost cried it was so palpable.

Never ever underestimate the power of kindness.

Or the sheer power of adventures.



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