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We're often taught in life.

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Show your best side, be groomed, be in control Look like you've got it all together. Whilst inside we may be paddling away ferociously behind that smile.

Social media shows smooth skin, flawless faces and smoothed hair. Because we are taught to filter we filter out the reality at times. We loose the authenticity We never know someone's story. We never know what is going on behind the pictures.

My job has allowed me so much growth and learning. From working with others, hearing their stories, I too have grown.

I have shed my need for perfection and allowed myself to be me. No filters just authenticity. Whilst travelling I allowed myself to simply be. No hairbrushing! No need to present! Just be. How liberating. As it is each time I visit sea. Be your true authentic beautiful self because when you accept yourself completely that's where growth truly happens.

And yes, it takes Courage and bravery to be yourself. To present the unmasked self. Because we run the risk of judgement from others. But do it anyway! Sure we need to brush our hair for work and wear smart clothes but don't forget to let loose your inner child from time to time.

The freedom to simply be . The liberation of being your true authentic self.

Let's teach our daughters and young girls. That when they truly love themselves . They can truly accept who they are. They no longer need to filter. They can shine from within.



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