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Mindful Moments Of Calm.

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Whilst here I have had time for reflection. Yoga and mindfulness alongside meditation has reminded me of where I started.

My journey began over 18 years ago with Clinical Aromatherapy. Leading to neuromuscular work which lead to training in work with cancer patients. I worked in hospitals and hospices with patients undergoing chemotherapy. This work humbled me and lead me to train over years as a Reiki Practitioner and Teacher. Writing manuals and going on my own journey.

When my own body limited how often I could massage I embarked on my counselling journey and retrained.

What I recognize more recently is that I lost some balance. As we all do in life at times. Missing massage and the amazing healing properties of the oils. Missing Reiki, its ability to hold, clear and heal. Covid restricted the little massage I was doing and life took over.

I recognize the job I am in as a counsellor and family Therapist can often be a lot of head work. Whilst I incorporate somatics and the body mind connection I do miss the healing power of touch. This kept me grounded and allowed for my own balance.

Don't get me wrong my passion is in counselling and supporting clients to become the very best version of themselves but here is a piece of my puzzle that's been missing.

So I've decided to step back into that Role tentatively and gently once a month.

Covid allowing.

Those I have worked with regularly over the years know I now offer one Treatment. Individually blended oils, massage, reiki and rebalancing with neuromuscular where needed. Creating a powerful shift within.

I worked with clients suffering with chronic pain along with people who had suffered physical trauma and abuse. Recognizing that trust is the largest part of any body work.

Whilst out here during mindful moments I have reflected on what a privilege it has been to be trusted by clients. How I have learned from them all over the years. Both massage and counselling and what an honour its been.

So here's to self awareness.

To gratitude

To reawakening parts of ourselves.

To self care with all its values and importance.

What part of you would you like to reawaken?

What self care are you practising?

Its easy to forget who we once were, when we are striving to become who we are. From yoga to meditation, watching water to sunsets and nature.

Absorbing cultural difference and diversity.



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